Refund Policy

U2BZone is able to provide refunds in the following conditions. We are the promised team to respect the value of our client’s money and time.

  • If the description not met 100% as mentioned before placing of the orders. We promise to deliver our best for the optimum level of customer satisfaction.
  • Delivery time varies according to the sizes of packages but if you do not get your orders on time then you can apply for refunds.
  • Active days for refunds are 15 days. And we would be glad if you apply to us for refunds within this time frame with valid reasoning. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to pay you refunds.
  • While applying for the refunds and placing any sorts of queries regarding refunds, you would be redirected to the customer care section.
  •, commits to a refunds policy to provide our clients with more confidence when buying our services. We do offer a money back guarantee that states that if your order is not completed within the time stated on our website. We will not refund any accounts that have been suspended or banned while you are buying through our website nor will we accept liability for any links that are banned, suspended or removed by YouTube.